Meeting with the students of Ebelmuiža elementary school

2023 On March 21, the director Dzintra Geka-Vaskas and the composer Pēteris Vasks met шт the Riga Ēbelmuiža elementary school students to tell about March 25, 1949 – the day of remembrance of the victims of the Communist genocide. Hearing-impaired children study at Ebeluiža elementary school. Dzintra Geka-Vaska regularly visits Ēbelmuiža elementary school and this time she presented the book “Mothers in Siberia”, which was donated to the school library.

On March 11, Dzintra Geka-Vaska receives the Rose award

On March 11 of this year, Dzintra Geka-Vaska received the Rose Award and the Letter of Appreciation from the Zonta Club. The Rose Day, which took place in Valmiera for the 17th time, is organized by the Valmiera Zonta club. During it, an outstanding woman receives a certificate of appreciation for her significant contribution to society.

“It is a great honor. During the last year, we have all been associated with thoughts about the war in Ukraine, about the fragile situation in the world, about the abnormal aggressor country Russia. In 1949, my mother hid in a bunker with three small children. There she became close to my father. I’m a bunker kid. I think about strong women, about my mother and many other mothers who gave birth to children in Siberia. It is unimaginable what they went through, so this book is a tribute to mothers, a memory. Thank you for the honor of receiving the award,” said Dzintra Geka-Vaska.

“We give the award, which is dedicated to a strong woman, both as a reminder of a woman’s strength and multi-layered importance in the world, and also to strengthen other women. Ever since last February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, it’s hard to be completely happy about anything. We thank Dzintra Gekai-Vaska for her strength and stories, her tireless care to keep this unimaginably difficult topic in the public eye. But by telling stories of strength, we become stronger,” said Daiga Rokpelne, head of the Valmiera library

Traveling exhibition “Children of Siberia” in Jurmala Museum

Exhibition “Children of Siberia” in Jurmala Museum. Interview with Dzintra Geka and the exiled Parsla Bischof, who was taken to Russia at the age of 5.

The film “The distant land of Siberia. Why March 25, 1949?” and the exhibition “Children of Siberia” in Ventspils in the Livonian Order Palace

The film “The distant land of Siberia.” Why March 25, 1949?” and the exhibition “Children of Siberia” was viewed by 426 Ventspils school studentsю


Memorial concert for the “Taken Away” St. St. John’s Church, March 25 at 4:00 p.m

Deportation victims’ memorial concert “For the Deported”

The “Children of Siberia” foundation invites you to the “Deportees” commemoration concert of the deportation victims of March 25, 1949. The concert will take place in Riga St. St. John’s Church, on March 25 at 16.00

The outstanding mixed choir of the Latvian Academy of Culture “Sõla“, artistic director Kaspars Ādamsons, conductors Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics and Jurģis Rāts, and soloists Annija Kristiāna Ādamsone (soprano), Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics (piano), Ilze Reine (organ) will take part in the concert.

The concert program includes works by Latvian composers Lūcijas Garūtas, Emīlas Dārziņš, Pēteras Vaskas, Pēteras Plakids, Alfrēdas Kalniņas, Jānis Mediņas, Raimonds Tigula, Ārik Ešenvald, etc. compositions.

The mixed choir of the Latvian Academy of Culture “Sōla” was founded in 1998. The choir’s creative biography includes not only solo concerts with programs of various eras and styles, but also cooperation with other collectives in large-scale musical (including dance) projects and participation in charity concerts. “Sōla” regularly participates in choir competitions and festivals organized in Latvia and elsewhere in the world, both in Europe and America, thus popularizing the traditions of Riga and Latvian choirs and choral music outside the borders of Latvia. The choir has recorded four volumes of music.

Annija Kristiāna Ādamsone is the winner of the Pēteras Plakiža Chamber Music Prize and the scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), as well as the laureate of the competition “Ineses Galantes talanti 2021”, she graduated from the JVLMA’s vocal department Antra Jankava’s class and is currently studying her second year of master’s studies at the Opera School, Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts with professor Ulrike Sontags. Performs in various concert forms, manifesting in the genre of opera, oratorio, early music, chamber music and contemporary music.

Ilze Reine is not only St. St. John’s Church organist, choir conductor and leader of musical life since 1996, but also a regular concert musician and organ teacher. She taught improvisation and liturgical organ playing at the Luther Academy of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Jāzeps Vītolas Music Academy of Latvia, currently at the Ventspils Music High School. In addition to organ solo programs, he cooperates with various collectives in Latvia.

Artūrs Oskars Mitrevics graduated in 2022 from the Jāzeps Vītolas Latvian Academy of Music in the symphony orchestra conducting class of professor Andras Vecumnieks. Part of Artur’s creative activity is also dedicated to playing the piano. Artūrs has previously participated and received recognition in various competitions in Latvia and abroad. Artūrs is also actively involved in the life of the General Piano Department of the Academy of Music. Currently, as a pianist-concertmaster, Artūrs collaborates with the young conductors at the Riga Cathedral Choir School and the JVLMA, as well as creates collaborations with the brightest singers of his generation, Katrīnas Paula Felsberg, Daniil Kuzmina and Daina Kalnača.

Entrance to the concert is free.

The new book “Mothers in Siberia” turns out to be relevant in connection with the war in Ukraine

The book “Mothers in Siberia” has become popular in a short time, there is no doubt that it will soon become a bibliographic rarity, just like “School in Siberia”. History repeats itself – the war in Ukraine, the forced flow of refugees and the violent deportation of people to the outskirts of Russia turn out to be a modern reality. Thanks to everyone who promotes and  buys a book, promoting the work of the foundation. On Monday, January 10, an interview with Dzintra Geka “Morning Panorama” is expected on LTV1.

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Siberian Children’s Christmas

On December 22, 2022, the Siberian Children’s Christmas and opening of the book “Mothers in Siberia” was held at the Latvian Society House. About 60 people had arrived. Dzintra Geka performed, Jānis Lūriņš read excerpts from the book and Pastor Gunārs Kalme gave a speech. Musicians Raimonds Tiguls – henga, Magdalēna Geka – violin and Jānis Lūmanis – accordion performed. Continue reading “Siberian Children’s Christmas”

Road to Siberia, 1941

The film “Road to Siberia, 1941” is an emotional and sad message. It tells about people who return to the places of deportation in Siberia, Yeniseysk, Karaula, Ustjport, Biriliyus, Suhanoy, Penkov. How does it look now? How are these people welcomed and what do the local people in Siberia think? “Don’t forget, don’t betray, don’t forgive in our name,” – so say the children of Siberia.
(c) StudioSB. Latvia, 2021.
Director: Dzintra Geka.
Text author: Valdis Lūriņš.
Cinematographer: Aivars Lubanietis.
Composer: Pēteris Vasks.

The distant land of Siberia. Born there.

We present to your attention the 2022 film “The distant land of Siberia. Born there.”

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The distant land of Siberia Why March 25, 1949?

The film “The distant land of Siberia Why March 25, 1949?” now is available with English subtitles. The film was shown on Latvian Television 1 on March 25, 2021.

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