Results of the 2021 drawing competition

Thank you all for the beautiful drawings, this year’s work was much better than the last. The jury had a much harder time critiquing, and the children had worked harder, probably because of quarantine. We are going to publish a book with the works of the winners of the drawing and essay competition.

  1. Annual drawing competition for pupils.

“Children of Siberia 1941/1949”


1st group (6 – 10 y.o.)

  1. place Hārvijs Miķelsons
  2. place Sofija Golubova
  3. place Nikole Gulbinska

2nd group (11 – 14 y.o.)

  1. place Marta Adamoviča
  2. place Eva Pūpola
  3. place Renāte Bernāne

3rd group (15 – 19 y.o.)

  1. place Klaudija Dembovska
  2. place Dārta Elīza Ezeriņa
  3. place Adriana Žagare

Special Awards to:

Regīna Deičmane – Nadīna Hutore, Rūta Kriviša
Giors Geks – Ksenija Masļakova
Ieva Jurjāne – Marta Adamoviča
Kaspars Zariņš Hārvijs Miķelsons
Māra Alena – Adriana Žagare
Roberts Muzis – Samanta Zunda
Dzintra Geka – Berhards Sprūds, Eduards Zeltiņš-Kalniņš

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