kadri no filmas " Dieva putnini"

Dzintra Geka’s documentary “God’s Lost Sparrows” can be purchased online or https://sibirijasberni.lv/shop/product/dieva-putnini-dvd-filma/ or on the spot at Zaķusala embankment 33, Riga, by calling in advance to tel. 28643979 (Aivars) or by writing to sibirijasberni@gmail.com

DVDs of the new movie “God’s Lost Sparrows” are available with English subtitles. https://thechildrenofsiberia.com/product/gods-lost-sparrows-dvd-en/ Online version with English subtitles https://thechildrenofsiberia.com/product/gods-lost-sparrows-online-movie/


At the end of World War II, when it became clear that Latvia would be occupied by the Soviet army again, about 150,000 fled to Germany. They were representatives of various professions – farmers, entrepreneurs, former politicians, statesmen, creative intelligentsia, working people who had already enjoyed the hardships of the “terrible year”. Almost a million people from Eastern European countries escaped the Soviet regime. Latvians, who called themselves during the camps, also called

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