Discussion: What does history teach? Remember or forget?

On August 23, 2022, TV24 22:00 hosted the discussion “What does history teach? Remember or forget?”

The discussion was moderated by Sandy Semyonov. The following participated in the discussion:

  • Marija Krumiņa, deported in 1941 at the age of 9 months, spent 16 years in Siberia, still works as an eye doctor, has been on expeditions in Siberia many times, in the Krasnoyarsk region in the camp Ŗherti, her father, priest Rumba, died.
  •  Nagezda Novosjolova, born in 1949 in the camp in Igarka, daughter of exiled Laima Āriņa, mother died in Siberia, Nagezda came to Latvia in 1993, speaks Latvian poorly, because she froze to the wall of the barracks as a child and her nerves are frozen. A movie “Igarka, Hope and Butterfly” was made about Nagezda.
  •  Andris Bumbulis, born in Krasnoyarsk district in 1952, mother deported from Latvia, father Armenian, parents met in Siberia. Andris is a retired border guard captain and ready to fight for Latvia.
  •  Pastor and historian Guntis Kalme, who took part in all the expeditions, the furthest was to the northern ice ocean, Tolstij nos, where Latvians are buried, we brought a cross and a memorial plaque to Otilija Vitola.
    Fragments from the films “The Balance of Siberia” and “Igarka, Hope and Butterfly” were shown.

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