Events of 14 June 2022

June 14 marks the 81st anniversary of the deportations of June 14, 1941.

10:00 In the Palace of the President of Latvia, President Egils Levits met with the repressed, winners of the drawing and writing competition. The winners of the drawing and writing competition had arrived from all over Latvia as well as from France, who received cash prizes, gifts from the President’s Chancellery, the book “Siberian Children 1949”, as well as jury prizes. Singers Armands Birkens sang and played a psaltery ensemble. The jury of the drawing competition was chaired by sculptor Regīna Deičmane, the jury of the drawing competition was chaired by teacher Liveta Sprūde.

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Photo from the President’s Photo Archive. 

15:00 at Cinema KSuns and 22:00 LTV1 could watch the documentary film from the cycle “Far Land Siberia. Born There ” can be watched on the LSM portal

18:00 A concert for Deportees took place in Old st. Gertrude Church, the Latvian Radio Choir sang, Kristīne Adamaite, organist, soloist Jānis Kurševs, musicians performed compositions by Latvian composers (J. Ivanovs, L. Garūta, P. Vasks, etc.)

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