The new book “Mothers in Siberia” turns out to be relevant in connection with the war in Ukraine

The book “Mothers in Siberia” has become popular in a short time, there is no doubt that it will soon become a bibliographic rarity, just like “School in Siberia”. History repeats itself – the war in Ukraine, the forced flow of refugees and the violent deportation of people to the outskirts of Russia turn out to be a modern reality. Thanks to everyone who promotes and  buys a book, promoting the work of the foundation. On Monday, January 10, an interview with Dzintra Geka “Morning Panorama” is expected on LTV1.

Elita Veidemanes’ article about the book on January 4 “Neatkarīgajā rīta avīzē”.

Gundega Repše’s article on Facebook on January 4.

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