The children of Siberia. We remember

“The children of Siberia. We remember,” 58 minutes. Year 2020.
Director: Arta Giga
Editing director: Armands Zvirbulis
Producer: Dzintra Geka-Vaska
2001 marked the 60th anniversary of the June 14, 1941 deportation. A live conference was held on Latvian television.
Since then, there have been annual conferences, expeditions to Siberia, and films have been made.
Reviewing the archives of the Siberian Children, it seemed interesting to create an informative and emotional memorial film featuring the Siberian children,
performances by historians and excerpts from films, trips.

“Of course, when you are put in a guarded cattle wagon. For a month turned on, Then it was time to think about everything. Stand in front of the wagons carrying cattle. I no longer remember whether the stops were carrying food or not. , And what to drink.And how many people were there in that cattle car I no longer remember on TV shows, Russia wants to impose economic sanctions on Latvia.I say – now they have found a scapegoat, whatever, both sanctions.The times are over when their rules could I live all the time about the Motherland, no matter what is said about her. No matter where you were born, there is your Motherland. ”
Aivars Liepins, the protagonist of the film.

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