2011. gada ekspedīcija uz Sibīriju


Photographs from places of deportation in Flickr  http://www.flickr.com/photos/64697027@N08/show/ Presentation of the 2011 trip to Siberia, “Siberian Stories,” in Latvijas Avīze

A group of nearly 30 individuals from Latvia traveled to Siberia in June to honor the fathers and grandfathers who were tortured to death during deportations and to document disappearing evidence about this phase in history.  The group was led by the film director Dzintra Geka and the Rev Guntis Kalme, who is an expert in relation to history, and the group included Latvian children who grew up in Siberia and were the sons and daughters of fathers who were shot or tortured to death in concentration camps.  Latvijas Avīze journalist Guntis Ščerbinskis went along, and the result was a series of stories, “Siberian Stories,” that were published in several segments in Latvijas Avīze in July.  Digital versions of the stories can be found here: Siberian Stories 1 Siberian Stories 1 (cont.) Siberian Stories 2 Siberian Stories 2 (cont.) Siberian Stories 3 Siberian Stories4 

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